Why Co-op?


Co-op at the University of Windsor is a partnership between students, employers and the University.

The Co-operative Education Program will work with students to help them develop their job search skills, find appropriate placements and define career goals. Employers will provide students with challenging work experiences that develop their transferable job skills. Faculty members will evaluate student work and help integrate experience from the workplace into the classroom. 

Our programs provide a diverse range of opportunities yet are structured to offer students individual attention. We are proud to offer placement opportunities far beyond Windsor and Essex County. 英雄联盟竞猜平台直播 who are interested may seek a placement anywhere in Canada as well as many other countries around the globe. We have had students working as far away as Switzerland and Germany!

Upon completion of a co-op program, students will be able to:

  • Apply confidently for employment with an appropriate resume, cover letter and interview preparation.
  • Articulate links between classroom theory and workplace practice.
  • Achieve greater clarity regarding their academic and career goals, as well as personal strengths, weaknesses and preferences.
  • Demonstrate critical workplace professional skills such as:
    • Acquisition, application and integration of knowledge;
    • Research skills, including the ability to define problems and access, retrieve and evaluate information (information literacy);
    • Critical thinking and problem solving skills;
    • Responsible behaviour to self, others and society;
    • Interpersonal and communications skills;
    • Teamwork, personal and group leadership skills;
  • Articulate a greater understanding of workplace culture.
  • Build, maintain and use networks of contacts in their chosen career field.
  • Make an effective contribution in the workplace.
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