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Troubleshooting issues with your Continuing Education student account

Continuing Education students are not issued academic student numbers. Your UWin ID is your main identifier, it will be used to log into your Continuing Education Student Account, as well as the Blackboard site.  

Your Continuing Education records are kept in a separate database from academic records. Log on to your Continuing Education S tudent account to check enrolment records, grades and to update your personal information.   

Please contact continue@uwindsor.ca for all inquiries related to your Continuing Education Offerings.  

Follow along with this video

  • Navigate to the course information page through the Continuing Education website
  • Click "Register Now"
  • On the Registration page, click on the section you wish to register for
  • Click "Add to Cart"
  • Click "Checkout" if you are done adding courses to your cart, or "Keep Shopping" if you need to add more courses to your cart
  • Review items in your cart, click "Checkout"
  • If you have a recent and active UWin ID (UWindsor Staff, 英雄联盟竞猜平台直播, recent Alumni), please log in to the left “UWin ID Log In”
  • If you are new to the university/Continuing Education or can’t remember your log in info, please login to the far right and “Create A New Account”, a new UWin ID will be generated
  •  Please save your UWinID and password as you will need this for future registrations


Continuing Education login page

Follow along with this video

Shortly after registering, watch for two email messages from the University of Windsor.

1. A message with your temporary username and a link to create a password

  • Set your password and write this down
  • It’s also a good idea to record the answers to your 3 security questions

2. An activation link will be sent by email from continue@uwindsor.ca

  • Click on the link and follow the prompts on your screen. Retain this username and password as you will need this to access the virtual class
  • Activate your Uwin ID as soon as possible

An activated UWin ID and password is needed to access the virtual class. Once activated, your UWin ID will be added to the Blackboard class site with our system update which occurs overnight. Separate Blackboard login instructions will follow once you have activated your UWin ID.

  1. Log on to your  Continuing Education student account here .   
  2. Log in with your UWin ID and Password 
  3. If you forget your password, visit account.uwindsor.ca  and follow the prompts on your screen to reset your password. Then, return back to the login page and log in with your UWin ID and new password


Follow along with this video

Log on to  BLACKBOARD  using Google Chrome as your browser: 

  • Log in with your UWIN ID (if you cannot remember your uwinid, please message kdalbell@uwindsor.ca) 

  • Use the password that was created when you activated your UWin ID 

  • Sign in to “Sign in with my UWin ID” TAB   uwinid@uwindsor.ca  

  • If this tab does not work, please log in using your uwinid to the “Alternate Sign-in Method” tab (see screenshot below) 



  • After logging into your account on Blackboard, select Courses on the top right side of the page 


  • From the list of courses, select your course, for example: CE-ARTV7102-1-2021W Abstract Painting   


Find your course outline, schedule and materials from the tabs on the left-hand side.  


Follow along with this video

Once you are in the class site you can enter the Virtual Classroom. 

  • From the left toolbar, click on the “Virtual Classroom” link, and enter the Course Room 

  • Important Note: Never click on “Join a Session by Phone” as you will be charged US long distance fees 


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Most classes will be recorded to accommodate any technical difficulties that may occur.  Recorded Virtual Classroom meetings are available only within the course they were created. Recordings cannot be downloaded or edited, and are retained for the duration of the offering. 

To find the pre-recorded class, follow the instructions below: 

  • Log on to the Blackboard  and enter the course site 

  • Click on the “Virtual Classroom” tab from the left side menu 

  • Click on the three lines on the left side of the black tool bar in the Virtual Class, this is the menu (see below) 

  • From the Virtual Class Menu, click on “Recordings” then the “Watch now” link 



If you have no speakers or mic, Use your phone for audio while in the session 

If you have joined a Collaborate session on a browser, you can choose to use your phone for audio. 

Open the Session menu and select Use your phone for audio. Call the number listed and enter the temporary personal identification number (PIN). iPhone users don't need to copy the PIN as it's inputted for you. 

This temporary PIN is associated with your personal account. It helps the session identify you. When you enter this PIN, the audio from your phone is paired with your profile picture. This helps everyone keep track of who is speaking. 

Don't share your personal PIN with anyone. It only works for you and only in the current session. You are not able to use the PIN in another session or share your PIN with another user. Personal PINs stop working when the session ends. 

As long as you have the session open in your browser, you have access to all the session tools. Your microphone changes to a phone. Others see a phone icon by your name in the Attendees panel. 


You aren't muted when you first call in. Everybody can hear you immediately. Turn your audio on and off in your browser by selecting the phone icon. 

With your keyboard, press Alt + M to turn your phone audio on and off. You can still use the mute on your phone. Just make sure the audio is turned on in your browser, if you want others to hear you. Moderators can also mute attendees anytime during the session. You are notified, if a moderator has muted you. 

You can close your browser after you dial-in and still hear the session and talk. You aren't able to chat or share anything without the session open in a browser. 

Yes! To access your course materials on the go, Blackboard offers a  mobile app  which allows you to access your courses from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Having Blackboard issues? Contact continue@uwindsor

For more support, visit the  BlackBoard Support for 英雄联盟竞猜平台直播  page. This page is designed for the questions and topics that may be of interest to you as a student. If your topic isn’t listed, check the " More on Troubleshooting & FAQs " or  FAQs

If you are still experiencing issues and require further assistance, please contact us.

Email:  continue@uwindsor.ca

Phone: 519-253-3000 ext. 6721

Access Grades, Certificates, and Receipts

1. Visit the Login Page and log in as a student

2. From Student Home, go to My Enrolment History

3. Under the Course No. and Title , click on the Print tab

4. From the Choose Report dropdown box, select Statement of Grade Report and then Print

1. Visit the Login Page and log in as a student

2. From Student Home, go to My Enrolment History 

3. Under the Course No. and Title , click on the Print tab 

4. From the Choose Report dropdown box, select Course Certificate Completion and then Print 

1. Visit the Login Page and log in as a student

2. From Student Home, go to My Certificates and Designations 

3. Under Certificates, click on the Print tab 

1. Visit the Login Page and log in as a student

2. From Student Home, go to My Account History 

3. Click on the Print Receipt tab for the receipt copy that is needed

Not all offerings are T2202A eligible, the guidelines are outlined by the government. The course must meet the number of required hours and weeks to be eligible. If your course meets the requirements, you will find your T2202A tax receipt under the Tax Receipt tab.

1. Visit the Login Page and log in as a student

2. From Student Home, go to Tax Receipt 

3. Click on the Print Receipt tab for the receipt copy that is needed


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