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We offer programs and services that help students transition to and through university life, support students in maintaining their wellbeing and mental health, encourage leadership development, fund co-curricular activities, enhance student support and engagement, and assist with off-campus living!


Request for Exemptions to the Vaccine Policy

Exemptions to the vaccine policy can be requested for medical reasons or under the ground of Creed (or religion) protected under the  Ontario Human Rights Code .
Those whose applications for exemption have been approved in accordance with the vaccine policy will be provided with an accommodation to participate in the University’s rapid antigen testing program to access campus. There is no exemption from the testing protocols under this policy.
Student exemption requests can be submitted by filling out the appropriate form and sending it to  vaxinfo@uwindsor.ca . 英雄联盟竞猜平台直播 will be contacted for next steps once their forms are received.


Questions or Concerns:

Please email  studentexperience@uwindsor.ca  if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact Us

Do you have feedback for our Student Senate Caucus?  Submit your feedback here .



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