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The Academic Partnership Initiative is a collaboration effort between the University of Windsor & St. Clair College to merge our strengths and skills in research, development, training, and industry application to build a venue for automobility innovation and give public and private partners the expertise they need to diversify and strengthen Windsor-Essex’s economy. 

How we move people and goods around our cities and through our borders is changing. New technologies, new business innovations and access to data will remold our cities and allow us to focus on solving the biggest of mobility challenges. Windsor-Essex has an opportunity to leverage our unique assets to be leaders in this shift. 

Our assets include, but are not limited to:  

  • Automation Cluster 
  • Our logistics and supply chain networks support major vehicle OEMs and help build some of the worlds best selling vehicles.  
  • Our skilled professional manufacturing talent  
  • Geographic location  
  • Regional Partnerships (Cross border, WEEDC city, health) 
  • Automotive Cybersecurity Cluster 

By leveraging these assets and leveraging a strong ecosystem of innovation in Windsor-Essex we will support businesses in this new automobility space to research, develop and scale CACyE (Connected, Autonomous, Cybersecure & Electric) products and services in our region. 

This endeavor will help diversify the Windsor-Essex economy from:  The Automotive Capital of Canada to  The Automobility Capital of Canada                                                                                   

The WE Motion Automobility API will:  

  • Open opportunities for cross-discipline and multi-functional collaboration.  
  • Work with regional and bi-national partners to align automobility objectives. 
  • Find opportunities for creative funding opportunities for new technology development and commercialization.  
  • Create a framework for Automobility research and development.  
  • Align research and development with industry trends 
  • Hold regular Knowledge Transfer and Engagement sessions with community stakeholders.  


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